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Spot Welding Machine Shopping Tips, and What To Look For In Spot Welders

Spot Welding is a quick and economical method of joining metal assemblies or parts. Most frequently, the individual will use spot welders in automotive work and restoration. In industrial applications, the speed of spot welding machines and the repeatability of a process is the primary concern in choosing or designing a spot welding machine. In other words to do the same task repeatedly with speed and predictable results is the primary factor in design. For the individual often the portability, power, or flexibility of spot welding machines is of more concern.

When choosing among spot welding machines for an individual, then some things should be considered.

Spot welding uses a combination of pressure and electrical current to heat the metal and form a weld. Creating a solid spot weld can be as quick as 10 to 100 milliseconds.

The questions you need to ask are what are your available power sources? Do you need your spot welder to be highly portable? How experienced are you? What type of metals do you usually work with? All these will determine what type of spot welding machines suit your individual needs.

There are some well-known names and types of spot welding machines. Some are suitable for both the weekend pro's and the professional, while some of the higher end models are intended for professional use. What you choose will depend on the types of jobs you need to do, the nature of your work, and your available time and resources.

A well-known and very well respected name among welders is the Miller brand. Miller spot welders are reliable heavy duty and will get the job (almost any job) done. The Miller Electric air-cooled spot welder is an excellent example. These welders are suitable for light industrial use and of course the individual. They are also well known for ease of adjustment in material thicknesses.

However, the power source for these is usually 220V you will need a power source (or converter) and they are less portable than the lighter and less expensive models. When you want to go for quality, many choose the Miller line of spot welders. It may not be the easiest for the new welder to begin with but Miller is well known for producing an ultra quality weld with a lot of configurability. The downside to this is that the price will be a lot more than a cheap welder with a limited range.

On the other end of the spectrum and still very serviceable is the Tooluxe Pro-Quality 115V electric spot welder. The upside is that this will not require a converter and will use a regular household 11V power outlet and is extremely portable. However, it works with only mild or galvanized steel. If this is your first spot welder then you may want to begin at this end and work your way up.

How much you can afford to spend and to what metals you plan to use your spot welding machine with, as well as how experienced you are will determine which type you choose. There are many spot welding machines between the top end Miller spot welders and the Tooluxe spot welders, but either of these companies have a range of spot welder worth investigating first.